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2010年3月27日 星期六
最近,算是越来越懒了。。。可能是因为进入‘假期的阶段’了吧~ 这个学期,算还不错,还蛮高兴的。下个学期呢,最期待的,还是今年的羽毛球区赛,有些害怕啦~ 可能是没信心能跟队友有好的默契。。真的很希望能够拿下 Eastern Zone 冠军,但在这之前先得赢下区赛... haiz haiz

假期到了啦~ 总是懒洋洋。。。节目呢,也算忙的。。。。享受一下啦!
(羽毛球☄飘翔) ♥ 下午10:54
2010年3月24日 星期三
I've got JJ Lin concert ticket!
Happy~ went to China town to buy the JJ Lin concert's ticket~ how excited!

My first time going to watch a concert ^^v

(羽毛球☄飘翔) ♥ 下午11:27
2010年3月22日 星期一
swapped... some people that got into badminton have been swapped, felt sorry to the people that had to leave.....

However, we now have a strong senior girls badminton team... add oil la!

Going to the City tomorrow~ for watching a play called Cosi in a theatre~ haha~ >_<

fun? maybe~
(羽毛球☄飘翔) ♥ 下午10:19
2010年3月15日 星期一
I've got in~
Yeah~ got into the school badminton team once again~ a bit of luck, maybe~

Although, our leader doesn't have confident (just yet) to win the district? I don't know~ but I hope I can still make my school proud... it is the last chance for me to win for school~ I cherish it! 希望我们六位入选的参赛者,能够培养出默契来吧!

Also~ I drove my dad's car for the first time~ it was a wow! the car can go FAST~ and is hard to control... 哈哈~

最后~ 还是那句啦~ 继续加油!
(羽毛球☄飘翔) ♥ 下午11:25
2010年3月13日 星期六
The day~

同样的,功课还是一样多,Don't even have time to rest~ but hopefully, I can squeeze some time out for holidays, and have some fun with friends~ ^^

感情事,有点受不了。。。其实也不算是感情事啦~ 都已经不关我的事了。。。只是觉得以前的他,竟然可以那么虚假。。。算了。都抛掉吧。
(羽毛球☄飘翔) ♥ 下午11:34
2010年3月5日 星期五
I like sleeping.... but I don't waste my time on sleeping....so, I look like a panda now~

黑眼圈越来越深了~ 都怪自己很不想睡觉。。。。压力也有点大的感觉~ 明天,虽然是星期六,虽然很想休息,什么都不干。。。却好像对不起自己的感觉~ haiz~ 做人啊~

Anywayz~ tonight, I really had fun on badminton, improved a bit more ^^b, and more friends joining in~ A lot's of malaysian baddy friends from school~ ^^ chit-chat a lot tonight!
(羽毛球☄飘翔) ♥ 下午11:49
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