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2010年2月26日 星期五
Relationship? No!
Please... really, don't ask me the question anymore.......I really don't want to hurt you with a same answer. I'm sorry.

在你身上,我不再感到爱情,只是留下不知如何是好。阴影还在,很可怕,我不敢再接近。拒绝了你。。。我很放心,但你从未放弃我??请不要,我是多么想听到你‘有女友了’这消息。。喜欢?我不敢说 100% 不再喜欢你。。。因为,暂时真的还没有人能代替你。

Hope you can have a good life without me.........
(羽毛球☄飘翔) ♥ 下午11:53
2010年2月24日 星期三
two great days~
Phew~ I ralaxed a lot on these two days~ not many tests...nor homeworks... which was a chance for me to recharge~
Anywayz... ESL oral on friday.. hmm, I'm nervous..... what if I forgot what am I going to say? @^@

relax~ relax~ I hope holidays come soon~
and of course, did have fun on our last Swimming Carnival!
(羽毛球☄飘翔) ♥ 下午11:58
2010年2月15日 星期一
A tired week
Tired is the only word that can describe my feeling now....


I'm not willing to talk now... but rest.
(羽毛球☄飘翔) ♥ 下午10:54
2010年2月9日 星期二
I need to relax.
Tired, too much pressure... why is eveyone so clever... >_<

才发现,我真的很害怕,考试的时候,右手一直发抖,手心冒汗。。。好像也太严重了吧?放松放松!明天还来个 Chemistry Prac Sac.... die... T^T


Many things happened.... but too lazy to type it on....
(羽毛球☄飘翔) ♥ 上午12:00
2010年2月7日 星期日
I've been studying Chemistry for the whole day.... but it doesn't mean I'm hard working.... it means I'm slow.....It took me ages to understand one fact or a question....

Home Alone today~ cooked lunch for myself.... and ya, chemistry again~

好累啊!好想睡。。。。对了~ 我跟我爸要求增加零用钱咯~ 哈哈~ 争取成功了!^^b
(羽毛球☄飘翔) ♥ 上午12:29
2010年2月5日 星期五
What a busy day~
Futher maths- done
Psychology- done
Esl- done
Mandarin- done
Chemistry- not yet >_<

忙啊~ 功课一大堆咧。。。monday 还来个 Chemistry test.... 死得了!对了~ 在两年前,买了一幅新眼睛,但我都没带过,明天打算带带看啦,毕竟也应该换眼镜了。。。旧的那幅都花到不行了~~ 明天又是 8.00am。。。。 hate to wake up so early!
(羽毛球☄飘翔) ♥ 上午12:17
2010年2月2日 星期二
Well~ accidentally knew a Malaysian as a friend... she asked me where to get a locker lock since I was speaking 'loud' chinese with someone.... and from her accent.. I knew she's a Malaysian~ ^0^b

She just arrived to Melbourne last week.... a very 'brand new' migrant~

Which means.... I'm not 'brand new' anymore, how sad.... I've been here for three years... time flew quickly...

Anywayz, my chinese teacher was very nice today.. which is good.. since she's hmm... oh well~
Tomorrow... and Thursday and Friday...school starts at 8am for year 12..... T^T
加油 for 明天 >0<!
(羽毛球☄飘翔) ♥ 下午11:12
2010年2月1日 星期一
A very happy first school day~
First day of school~ happy to met all my friends!
Sastisfied with all the teachers that I've got~ and classes~ Happy ^^

However, it is hard to not using internet~ wahaha~ =p but still.... try my best not to use more than 15 minutes............ >_<

目前最难的就是 Chemistry 了。。毕竟没上过 'Headstart' haiz....... 加油了喂。。。。
(羽毛球☄飘翔) ♥ 下午11:09
school starts...
School starts tomomrrow... a very important year for me......
Therefore..... having only 15 minutes internet time..... 希望能做到!

加油啦!!!!!!!!! 各位!
(羽毛球☄飘翔) ♥ 上午11:50
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