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2010年1月30日 星期六
BbQ tonight~
Since My grandparents have came here to visit~ my dad decided to have a BBq dinner with my uncle & aunt and my Grandparents~ >_<

很喜欢现在这种感觉,有种自在自由的感觉~ listening to music... try to enjoy every minutes before monday。如果,一直都可以如此轻松,那该有多好?下载了几首新歌,I like the song ‘细味’it is a tvb drama's opening theme,好听~


(羽毛球☄飘翔) ♥ 下午1:10
2010年1月29日 星期五
Baddy tonight~~~
Last week, I went to see whether there's any baddy on that friday~
well, there was.. been renewing my membership,
but paying the member fee today >0<...


Rainbow~ 学习你七彩的生活~ haha

(羽毛球☄飘翔) ♥ 下午5:24
2010年1月27日 星期三
NOt hAppY

School starts soon... a heavy year... what to do? pressure....
今年打算考完 VCE 后,出去做 Part time,然后自己赚钱回国。Promise to visit my grandmother at the end of this year.... will I be able to afford the air ticket? 啊~~~~ 烦啊~ 再次看了看大学的资料,前途还是有点模糊不清。。。对自己没什么信心。。。虽然父母亲没要求很高,他们说,我能做些什么就做什么,高兴· 喜欢就好。。。haiz~
Anywayz..... start worry about VCE first... not uni... >0<

(羽毛球☄飘翔) ♥ 下午10:52
2010年1月22日 星期五
is there any badminton today?
I forgot when is the Friday badminton club starts....... I guess is today... but uh... not sure... still, I'm going to see whether there is.

Welcome to my house, if there's anyone wants to try my grandma's homemade biscuits, is for Chinese New Year~

(羽毛球☄飘翔) ♥ 下午5:35
2010年1月20日 星期三
English or Chinese~
哈哈~ sort of get used of typing english..... maybe I'll write half-half~

刚刚回到澳洲。。。实在很不习惯,但渐渐地,开始慢慢适应咯。Just felt happy that I've finished my psychology homeworks >0<... 压力压力, year 12 now.... ,can't believe....I'm so old, wahaha~

(羽毛球☄飘翔) ♥ 下午1:43
2010年1月16日 星期六
Just came back~
Phew... was a very 'bumpy' journey.... but a safe trip....


sleepy.... goodnight.
(羽毛球☄飘翔) ♥ 上午3:27
2010年1月14日 星期四
no dengue~ ><
Time flies
Going back to Australia tomorrow... hmm, a bit sad...
Really don't know when will I be back again...
maybe end of this year, or few years later? haiz....

By the way, I didn't get dengue, thanks god. But I still feel like vomiting, last two days, I didn't eat a thing, only drinking....how sad...

tomorrow flight: Air Asia. 1.20pm (m'sia time)

p.s. Flying with my grandparents.... happy ^^
(羽毛球☄飘翔) ♥ 下午2:47
2010年1月11日 星期一
Dengue? please not
Having fever for around three days... therefore, went to see doctor today...
doctor suspected that I might get dengue.....
I was shocked....

Dengue is a very 'popular' sickness in rainforest country.... including Malaysia... Doctor told me that I need to do a blood test if I still have fever tomorrow....haiz

so.. hopefully I didn't get dengue. T^T
(羽毛球☄飘翔) ♥ 下午9:37
2010年1月8日 星期五
sick...fever again
Too tired I think, I'm sick again.....the hot whether and spicy foods.... lead me into sickness....
High fever again... don't what to do.....

anywayz, need to rest now... haiz.
(羽毛球☄飘翔) ♥ 下午10:15
2010年1月3日 星期日
Malaysia~ you are hot!
A very warm country, Malaysia~

hot !!!! can't stand it anymore~ need to live with air conditional, haven't finish buying anything yet.... don't know where I've wasted all my time..... on meeting people, I guess..
oh ya~ bought my format dress for year 12 format....happy~
and, bought something for my badminton friends~ hope they will like it~
and school friends, bought something, but haven't finish buying just yet, but don't worry, everyone will get something~~~
Oh ya~ I've got my new haircut....hmm, I have no comment on it...you guys can make comments when you guys saw me....

Of course, Malaysia's foods are very nice, hot and spicy~~~ since I like to eat spicy foods, therefore the foods and cultures suit me well ^^
I've took a lot of photos, but I still don't have time to upload it all on facebook~ someday I will~ haha.....
anyway~ going now~~~ see you soon~
(羽毛球☄飘翔) ♥ 下午4:56
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